Bilbao es la ciudad más grande de Euskadi. La capital vizcaína ha sabido reinventarse para convertirse en un destino turístico cultural, gastronómico y de shopping. Puedes descubrir los fantásticos comercios de Bilbao, mientras te pierdes por sus callejuelas y te encuentras con siete edificios firmados por Premios Pritzker. 


The art of hand-crafted 'croquetas'.

Home-made croquettes like your mother used to make.

Lautxo already had a name for selling salt-cod when they decided to branch out into the world of croquettes. A family friend, whose béchamel sauce was well renowned, helped them with the recipe, setting them on a course that led them to open the city's first croquette shop. People loved them, so they started adding new varieties, and a range of Basque dishes, which are home-made every day using fresh, quality ingredients. Who can say resist a good 'croqueta'?

Since 2006


Store Hours
T-S 08:00-14:00
F 17:00-19:30


Ribera, s/n
Casco Viejo


T: +34 946 630 043