Donostia / San Sebastián

San Sebastian is the closest of the three cities to France.  Indeed, its influence is reflected everywhere in the city, from its layout and architecture to the food and fashion style, always chic and contemporary. And when you've finished shopping, you can relax on one of its three beaches.

Themed routes

11 routes

The home route
Your home will be so perfect after this route, you'll never want to leave it.
The Basque route
The Basque Country is a land of artisans. We like to make our own food, clothing, and accessories, etc. This route will show you where to find all sorts of products that are Made in Euskadi.
The culture route
If you're into exhibitions, talks, arts & crafts, literature, music, cinema, or other intellectual pursuits, this is the route for you.
The fashion route
A route of stylish shops for men, women, and children who like to dress well.
The well-being route
These retailers will make you feel good.
The gourmet route
For foodies with gourmet palates who want to find the best food and drink in one place....
Ruta moderna
The kids' route
This route has everything your children could possibly ask for.
The romantic route
Perfect places for couples to get away and relax, eat out, and do some shopping.
The sports gear route
If you want to play sports, you need the right gear. And with this route, you can't go wrong.
The gift route
It doesn't matter who it's for, it's always hard to find the right gift for the right person, which is why we've created this shopping route.