Bilbao es la ciudad más grande de Euskadi. La capital vizcaína ha sabido reinventarse para convertirse en un destino turístico cultural, gastronómico y de shopping. Puedes descubrir los fantásticos comercios de Bilbao, mientras te pierdes por sus callejuelas y te encuentras con siete edificios firmados por Premios Pritzker. 


The best footwear brands.

The secret lies in treating every shoe like gold.

Foxter sells different brands but a common style. The wide range of footwear is selected based on retailing experience and customer needs. The secret of success is treating each pair of shoes as if they were unique.

A lot of care and effort goes into making a shoe, and it all makes sense when you visit Foxter. That's why the window is always painstakingly decorated. Foxter is all about image and quality, and the style suits Bilbao to a tee. No doubt that's why it's so popular.

Since 1998


Store Hours
M-S 10:00-20:00


Víctor, 7
Casco Viejo

L1, L2, L3 - Casco Viejo

L1 - Ribera, Arriaga


T: +34 946 578 783