Bilbao es la ciudad más grande de Euskadi. La capital vizcaína ha sabido reinventarse para convertirse en un destino turístico cultural, gastronómico y de shopping. Puedes descubrir los fantásticos comercios de Bilbao, mientras te pierdes por sus callejuelas y te encuentras con siete edificios firmados por Premios Pritzker. 


Newspapers, magazines, and much more.

One of the best selections of newspapers in Spain

You'll find all kinds of newspapers and magazines at Aizu! Located on Calle Autonomía, they've been selling daily papers, books, chocolate, sweets, and dried fruit and nuts for over twenty years.

In recent years, they've expanded the business to include national and ONCE lottery tickets, mobile phone top-up cards, travel cards, cigarette vending machines, and much more. There's free WiFi for customers and they are also authorised to make and receive electronic money transfers.

Since 1997


Store Hours
M-F 07:30-21:00
S y holidays 08:30-14:15 / 17:30-21:00


Autonomía, 41
Bilbao Centro

L1, L2 - Indautxu

L1 - Casilla

Bilbao-Santurce, Bilbao-Balmaseda - Autonomía


T: +34 944 439 847