Vitoria / Gasteiz

Vitoria-Gasteiz es la capital de Euskadi. La ciudad ofrece una cantidad de zonas verdes sorprendentes. Son famosos su Anillo Verde, los monumentos llenos de historia y su casco medieval. Recorrer las tiendas de Vitoria-Gasteiz es un verdadero placer por la tranquilidad que supone pasear por el centro de una ciudad prácticamente peatonal.

Cafés La Brasileña

Coffee for daydreaming

Things happen over a cup of coffee

So you haven't a bean....don't worry, we've got some inside , so went the 1975 Cafés La Brasileña ad. The legendary coffee company has been providing delicious freshly-roasted coffee and excellent service for over 90 years. They only purchase 100% Arabic coffee beans which they roast to perfection. Sold loose and in packets, every effort is made to ensure that no more than ten days go by between roasting and tasting so that none of the precious aroma is lost. They also offer over 100 different teas and infusions, and a complete range of pods for coffee machines.

Since 1928


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Olaguibel, 46
Vitoria / Gasteiz

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Abetxuko, Ibaiondo - Angulema


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