Vitoria / Gasteiz

Vitoria-Gasteiz es la capital de Euskadi. La ciudad ofrece una cantidad de zonas verdes sorprendentes. Son famosos su Anillo Verde, los monumentos llenos de historia y su casco medieval. Recorrer las tiendas de Vitoria-Gasteiz es un verdadero placer por la tranquilidad que supone pasear por el centro de una ciudad prácticamente peatonal.

Bitxilore Floristas

A garden full of delight

Choose a plant and have it sent anywhere in the city

Plants and flowers stay healthy if they are properly cared for, but like anything else, they'll only flower if they are treated with passion. A case in point is Bitxilore Floristas, where they've been revolutionizing the flower world in a very personal way for thirty years. They also have an on-line store and cater for all kinds of events and celebrations. You can order wedding flowers, floral arrangements for restaurants and religious ceremonies, centrepieces, and bouquets. With skilful hands and creative flair, they create lush, small worlds full of life.

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Vitoria / Gasteiz



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