Kiloz Tejidos

A wide range of fabrics and textiles.

One of Bilbao's few remaining fabric retailers

Kiloz is one of the last fabric shops in the city, and the only one in Deusto. This 30-year-old store has a loyal clientele who keep coming back thanks to the excellent customer service and expertise of the staff.

Walking into Kiloz is like walking into an Aladdin's cave of beautiful fabric, where you're sure to find the colour or pattern you were looking for. Or why not discover the joy of creating something with your own hands at one of their needlework, patchwork, or crochet workshops?

Since 2007


Store Hours
M-F 10:30-13:30 / 17:00-20:00
S 11:00-13:30


Burgos, 5

L1, L2 - Deusto



T: 944 478 092