Viñaspre Taller de Arte

A Passion for Fine Art

Stained glass artists and decorators for 60 years

José Luis devotes himself in body and soul to Fine Art, his true vocation. He uses imagination, skill, and different techniques to create modern and classical glass windows by hand. He traces and decorates, painting by hand on different supports including posters, murals, paintings, heraldic shields, tiles, and sculptures. His most noteworthy projects include restoring the stained glass windows of Vitoria's Santa María Cathedral and decorating the Teatro Principal.
The multifunctional workshop is also used as an art gallery and venue for painting and drawing courses.

Since 1957


Store Hours
M-F 09:40-13:30 / 16:40-20:30
S 9:40-13:30


Zapatería, 106
Casco Medieval

03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 10

Abetxuko, Ibaiondo - Parlamento


T: 945 143 745