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Txik Txak

A game of fashion

Menswear inspired by sport and culture

Iñigo is passionate about getting things right, both when he plays his favourite sport (Basque cesta-punta) and at work, in the fashion and design world, and this passion is reflected in his city centre store. Customers will find a mixture of pelota-inspired paraphernalia, but mostly everyday menswear. He designs his own line of T-shirts, polo shirts and hats and completes the collection with a select range of coats, sweaters, shirts, and trousers by Ttilika, Merc, Sundek and RVLT Revolution, among others.

Since 2013


Store Hours
M-F 10:00 -13:30 /17:00-20:00
S 11:00-14:00 / 17:00-20:00


Pza. de La Provincia, 6 Bajo 3
Casco Medieval

04, 07

Abetxuko, Ibaiondo - Lovaina, Parlamento


T: 945 712 278