Bizkarra Panadería- Pastelería

The taste of yesterday today.

Traditional recipes, updated for the 21st century.

Bizkarra is different. It's a traditional bakery that experiments and updates traditional recipes. At Bizkarra, every detail counts: flavour, texture, aroma, and colour. They go to great lengths to produce high quality, artisan bread and cakes. Using seasonal ingredients, they follow the calendar, creating the patisserie traditionally associated with certain festive days - every cake and tart has a history. Bizkarra has been cultivating the art of good bread and cakes since 1957.

Since 1957


Store Hours
M-F 08:30-20:00
S-SU 08:30-14:30


Licenciado Poza, 12
Bilbao Centro


T: 946 072 016